In general, Infertility is the inability to conceive.

In general, Infertility is the inability to conceive. It is a rising issue worldwide. Globally 10 to 15% couples are Infertile. Infertility is not a disease, it is due to some problems in 1 partner or both partners. In 20% cases are unexplained. From ancient era to 21st century, there are enormous numbers of superstitious concept about Infertility. This is needed to be clear.

Although, there are many risk factors & causes may exist in both partners & almost equally responsible for infertility. Only female partners are blamed by almost all members of a family even by other civilized citizen in the country. The light of medical science doesn’t reach to their door yet.

Regarding superstitious concept about infertility, some people use to say – By birth it is a curse or occur / happen due to evil spirit. Many people believe that Journey will be in vain if facing with the infertile couple. They are neglected both in family & society as well. Infertile couples are not allowed to attend in any festival/ ceremony. Many people don’t want to place their babies in infertile couple’s lap. Fertile couple call them baja(infertile), atkura(sinister) & walookkhunay (inauspicious) etc. A reasonable number of infertile female partners are tortured & divorced by male partners. Male partners of infertile couples remarry other women by keeping their previous partners & do not take any kind of responsibilities. We should stop blaming of infertile women. Many Infertile women scarify their lives or remain depressed rest of their life. Nobody comes across for reverting them to backs to normal life through counselling or treatment. So, almost all infertile couples through out Bangladesh have not access to proper diagnosis & treatment due to ignorance, poverty or a very few number of Infertility centre. Many people don’t know about the Infertility risk factors, testing or treatment.

Most Infertile couples are still treated illogically by a village quack, Kobiraj, Fakir or pira-darabesa (Dervish) by plant or leave or black magic or knotted thread. Some Infertile couples used to pray to Allah for conceiving, someone thinks that it’s a matter of blessing of almighty & ultimately because of this blind faith they don’t take any proper treatment or they think that they have no child in their luck and reach to the end of life with depression negligence & bad feeling of childlessness.

As a civilised citizen, it is better to have some scientific knowledge regarding risk factors, causes, infertility testing & modern treatment options & locate the centres where these are available. Unfortunately, till to date most of the Infertility centres are run by private sector. We must try to draw an attention of the Government for establishing the Infertility Centres in every corner of Bangladesh.

Nowadays, there is no need to be fear of Infertility as Infertility risk factor can easily be avoidable & modern Infertility Testing & treatments are available.

Hoping the best that within a very short time attitude of society will be changed towards infertile couple & GOVT will take steps for wellbeing of infertile couple. So, infertile couple will not be further neglected.